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My friend, was taking a shower upstairs. At the time he was 13, and was turning out to be a "late bloomer." He finishes up and gets out to find all of his clothes are gone. He thinks, "What the hell?" He opens the cupboards and tries to find a towel. Nothing. He was certain they were there when he got in. He looks around for anything to cover himself. He doesn't find anything. He'll have to risk it.

He opens the door and looks out. He covers his nuts with his hands (He reminded us at the time he hadn't gone through puberty; no hair, no... girth) He walks outside and looks down the hallway. Nobody. The lights are off but enough light is coming from downstairs to illuminate everything pretty well. His room is straight ahead. He runs and tries to open the door. It's locked. Panic sets in and he looks for the other nearest room. His sister's. He runs and it too is locked. He runs to the attic entrance... locked. He then runs back into the bathroom. His first thought is to call for his mom. He remembers that she's not at home. He just sits down on the toilet and waits.

He waits for about 30 minutes, and gets anxious. He exits again and covers himself. He sneaks down the stairs and looks around. Nobody to his right (The kitchen/laundry room area) But he looks around the wall to his left. His sister (Two-years older than him, and in my opinion, hot) she is surrounded by about 10 of her (female) friends. He starts panicing again. Quietly he creeps through the kitchen and to the laundry room. He turns the knob.... locked. He then remembers the skeleton key for the house. It's hidden on top of a cabinet that he's barely tall enough to reach. He feels around and finds a note in his sister's writing.

The key is in the gutter outside your room. The ladder's by the shed. Better hurry : )

He's thinking whether or not he should try it. He ultimately decides it's worth a shot. There's a back door right by the laundry room, but it's loud. He decides to crawl out of an open window. He runs out to the shed and gets the ladder. He takes the ladder around to his room. It just reaches under the gutter. He climbs up and desperately feels around for the key. Just then he hears a muffled "Whooo!" he looks behind him, nothing. He goes back to feeling for it.... Nothing. He climbs back down and just as his face comes under the gutter, he sees the girls all looking out the window, laughing. He realizes that everything from his belly button down was showing while he was looking for the key. His sister waves the key around as all of her friends started snapping pictures.

He thinks whether or not to run inside. He decides he should. He runs through the front door, where a line of girls had formed. He stops cold and covers himself. His sister gives him the key, which he takes quickly. Covering his wang with one hand he walks upstairs, getting his ass patted multiple times on the way.

At first I'm thinking this is exaggerated a little bit. But I talked to his sister and asked if it was true. She just smiled, reached into her purse, pulled out a book of pictures, and showed me a blurry one of a naked dude on a ladder.
This girl (Let's call her... Sarah) is at a camp, when she's 15. It was some Christian camp thing, and the girls/boys cabins were blocked by a concrete wall. But they all could all go swimming in the lake at the same time. One day this guy brings a boat with an innertube attached to it. Sarah decides to try it out. She was with two of her friends (She was wearing a bikini). The boat started and it wasn't too fast. Her friends kept giving the "faster" signal. Eventually they're really bookin' it. Sarah at some point slips out, and is hanging on the handle. The next thing she knows, she's butt naked. She freaks out, and let's go. The boat comes back and the guy pulls her on board.

So, her two friends, and the guy driving are all laughing. They circle around but can't find her bikini. The boat pulls back into camp and EVERYBODY's in the lake swimming. So, the two girls walk beside her, blocking everybody's view. Then a car pulls up to the opposite side. Sarah panics and sprints to her cabin, exposing herself to everyone. She left camp early.
This guy (Let's go with "Jerry") is 13 and going through puberty. His old school had some thing called "pool day". Apparently everyone at his middle school would go to the elementary school playground, where they had set up some sprinklers, inflatable pools, slip n slides, water balloons, and what-not. The kids in both schools could run around and do whatever.

Girl's had to wear two shirts and shorts (strict). Boys could just wear trunks. Jerry wore briefs under his trunks, just in case. After awhile, he and some of the other older kids walked away from the water themed activities and started climbing on a large jungle gym made from large wooden poles.

A couple of kids climbed this rope ladder, which led to a second story of the jungle gym. Jerry followed and starting talking to some people. I don't know all of the details but eventually someone dares him to walk on top of the wall making sure that nobody falls off. Then someone decides to be an ass and pants' him. He's standing in his wet briefs, which were now kinda see-through. He then falls off the side of the wall.

Luckily he grabs onto the top of one the poles, so he's hanging above the ground, wearing just some "tighty-whiteys". The poles are separated by a couple inches, so of course all of the kids are staring at him. He says that he's losing his grip, but there's a pole extending horizontally to his right, which connects both sides of the wall. He grabs hold of that and he's safe. But, he's now in optimum view.

The kids were laughing and he's trying not to die. Then, one of the kids reaches his hand through the poles and grabs Jerry's underwear. He starts to pull at it, but it's sticky. Jerry kicks to try to complicate things. More hands come through the holes to help. He eventually feels them start to slide. They get pulled down to his knees. The kids are all laughing and saying things about his butt. They're hanging on his knees and he's trying to maneuver them back up, but the water only weights them down, and they fall off him to the ground.

He's still holding on. Eventually everyone piles to the ground and starts pointing and laughing. Some would come to the second floor again to get a closer look and reach out to get a feel. Soon a teacher comes, and she starts freaking out. She screams for somebody to help, which is the worst possible thing to do, as now, pretty much everybody crowds around him.

Jerry's arms are getting incredibly tired. The teachers all come and set up a ladder. Jerry's pretty much about to die of embarrassment. He silently climbs down the ladder and walks into the crowd, faced with a whole bunch of laughing and pointing (And he claims some groping from some girls).

To top it all off, he had to spend an hour, naked in the office, until his parents came to pick him up. More than a few came in and saw him.

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