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Late the other night, I see headlights. The problem is, my mom's still awake. I run and ask her if I can go to Mike's for the night again. She said okay and I ran out the door. I jump in and greet the guys. I see Blondie is in the back with another girl, I've met her before (And yes... good looking). We get to the school and all is clear. We head down to the elementary school.

We know that the school's keys are in the gym there, unless they moved them. If we don't find them, then it's over. We look in the drawer and..... NOTHING!.... ****! So, we can't continue on with our quest. Woe is the traged- That's when Rick said he found them on another desk... Oh...

We head back to the truck. Who would strip down first? We decided to take a vote. Of course... 3 guys and 2 girls... so yeah. Blondie rolled her eyes as she lifted off her shirt. We didn't wait for her to finish before we started stripping. Eventually the only one wearing clothes was the new girl. She stood in her underwear, hesitant. I said, "You're gettin' naked, one way or another." She laughed and decided to take it off.

We went to the back of the school. We noticed the AG building and we decided to go there first. We unlocked the office and checked for the teacher's DVDs. He hardly ever teaches us anything so he has a collection to keep us preoccupied. We looked around. Alien Vs. Predator, Forest Gump, Ghostbusters, Sling Blade, Saw, and something else which I don't remember. Of course, we're not watching any of them; we're naked... Much more entertaining.

We headed to the main building and looked around. Blondie remembered something from last time... Pointing to the lockers... then to her cleavage. We couldn't resist. We turned on the bathroom lights and looked for the locker key. We went through a ****load of them. A lot of people tend to leave some extra cash and some pictures in them. We didn't steal any....... really.... HONESTLY!.... Ok, we went through all that trouble, we deserve SOME money.

Our findings:

Lots of uninteresting pictures
Picture of a guy's ass in the woods
Picture of a few girls in their underwear
Pictures of some girls in swimsuits
Pictures of some girls standing around a naked guy
Pictures of girls flashing the camera
Picture of a wang
Picture of a girl with her face beside a wang

A DIGITAL ****ING CAMERA loaded with a lot of R-rated pics; There's too many to list on that thing. We found a few free spaces and took some pics of our body parts for the owner to find when they return.

$49 which we split up at the end of the streak

A pink bra

A few condoms

That's about it. Damn, the youths of today have lost their way.... Of course I broke into a school, naked, and stole some cash... But still.
At this point Blondie says she has to go to the bathroom. She walks into the girls' room and of course the guys said they did too. So everyone went to the girls' room. Blondie made a comment on how wrong this was. The other girl just laughed. Rick went to a sink and started to relieve himself . Mike went to the trash can and unleashed. The girls were laughing as Blondie looked to me and said, "How do you beat that?" I smiled and said, "I'm saving mine for later." And I held it in.

After everyone but me had pissed we headed through the classrooms. We didn't find too much of interest. We were in one of my most hated teachers' rooms when I lied on my back on a row of desks. I commented on how much I hated this guy... Then I released what I had been holding in. Everyone ran out of breath laughing at this. We left that area and headed to the gym.

We went there and got some of the equipment. We played naked dodgeball, and that was unusually because the girls always aimed for the crotch. We walked out and went through the football field. The breeze felt nice. We headed back and locked everything up that we opened, so they can't really prove we were there... The urine will be dried by the time they check.

This is where the guys decided to play a joke on me. Suddenly Mike yells, "Someone just came in! RUN!" We all ran outside and got split up in the dark. ****! I thought I was screwed. I wandered around, covering my ****, looking for someone. Eventually headlights shine on me... Oh hell... Then I recognize the vehicle... Everyone jumped out, and laughed at my expence... To quote Mike, "When I yelled that, I swear I saw your **** go inside-out." We laughed about it, but decided to get out of there. Everyone told their parents that they were going out for the night, so we decided to pull an all-nighter.

We went skinny-dipping in the creek for awhile and then enjoyed a nude sleep-over in the old barn. Man, that was sweet.


I was bored last night and wanted to do something. I called up the guys and told them how bored I was. Mike reminded me that I owed him a dare. He had come up with something.

I came back to tell you guys I was going to do something stupid. Then I told my parents that I might be out late. They were ok with that. I walked to Mike's house. Blondie was there. I asked why and she said she didn't want to miss this, after Mike told her. We all got in the truck. We drove to the end of the road and Blondie slid my pants off without saying anything. I started to pull off my shirt. I gotta admit, I was nervous about this one. And it kinda felt like I was getting naked in front of them for the first time. I blushed quite a bit. Blondie laughed at me and then put on the blindfold (Yeah, I'm in trouble) After awhile of driving, they pulled over. We got out of the truck. Blondie put on hand on my ass and the held my hand with the other. I couldn't see, eventually we stopped walking and Mike said, "The shoes too." Blondie helped me get them off, since I was blind. They spun me around a few times. Then Blondie took off the blindfold and they ran off.

This was the dare: Find out where the hell I was, find out how to get home, get there, and I had to do it naked.

Yeah... As soon as my eyes adjusted to the dark I realized that I was in the woods somewhere. And I knew I was far off (because of how long the drive was) and had a lot of walking to do. My journey began. I tried to find out where I was brought from, but they had spun me around and I had no idea. I felt my way around. Then I came to a dirt road. I decided to walk along it for awhile. I came to a house and knew that I went the wrong way. I turned around and ran that way.

I eventually came to a fence... a barbed-wire fence. I looked down at my scrotum... Then to the fence... I decided that I liked having a wang and not to try that. Then I heard a dog barking from behind me. That quickly changed my mind. I jumped over the fence, unharmed. I turned back and saw a large Chow barking at me. I think I made the right decision. I kept on walking until I came to a road... a very busy road. All I could do was stand there as cars came by. I ran back into the woods, to obscure my nudity. I kept walking that way until the woods cleared and I was behind a building. I walked around the building to see if I could figure where I was. I went around a corner, right into a group of kids a few years older than me. Most of them were girls, but there were a few guys. They all laughed and I blushed. I covered myself and went around them. A girl grabbed my ass. I smiled and looked at the sign of the building... It was a grocery store, but I didn't recognize it. I saw an old man staring at me from the door.

I ran back to the group of kids and asked them where I was. They didn't answer as much as laugh. They were probably drunk (A few cans were lying around). A girl then nicely said, "You're at (Store's name) in (Town's name)" One problem... Mike had drove me out of town (That brilliant bastard) I asked them how to get to (My town). They didn't know. I thanked the girl and went on my way.

I was running down the road, trying to find some place I could recognize. Suddenly a car stops. Oh ****. The window rolls down and I see a girl around my age. She let's me hitchhike. Normally I wouldn't do such, but it's an attractive girl with big boobs, and I'm naked... So yeah. I got in and she laughed. She asked where I was heading. I told her, but she said she wasn't sure where that was. I told her to take me to a church and I could find my way from there. I noticed she was staring at my hands (Which covered my wang). I forgot that I didn't explain myself. I told her the story as to why I was naked. She thought it was funny and understood completely.

We got to the church, and I was blushing as I got out (A few seconds before she stopped I let my guard down and showed my stuff) She was giggling. I got out and bid her farewell. I thought I was home free since I knew where I was.... I was wrong. I realized now that I was REALLY far away. I wasn't sure I could make it. I started to walk... then run. I ran a good way, passed a few cars. I ran through some people's yards. Eventually I got to another church. I was tired and I figured the church would have something to drink inside it, so I found away in.

Yeah, breaking and entering, plus stealing from a church is bad... But I was really tired/thirsty. I went in, turned on the lights, and found a kitchen. I checked the fridge and got some grape soda. I enjoyed that, then went outside.

I still had a long way to go and it was already near 2:00 AM (According to the church clock). I continued my walk but was making little progress. Traffic had died down, but an occasional car would go by and get to see my twig and berries. I made it to an old store. I rested outside for awhile. I was getting very tired. I checked my feet and found them to be covered in blisters and cuts. They felt like they were on fire. I stood up and went on my way.

I made it to an old farm, which nobody lived at. I decided that I needed to rest. I went into a shed in the back, so I couldn't be seen. I sat down and enjoyed the fact that the shed was warm (It's kinda cold out). I rested my eyes.

I fell asleep and woke up as the sun had risen. I got up and immediantly darted out the door. Traffic was very busy. A car honked at me. I ran into the woods. I still had quite a way to go. I darted through the woods. I came out to a clearing... Dammit. So I had no woods to hide behind as hundred of cars passed by to see my twinkie. Wonderful. I ran out, and ran as fast as I could. I made it to a group of houses and went into one's backyard. There was a little boy playing with some toys. I stopped in front of him... He just stared... I chuckled and ran off.

I'm running through the back of these houses, trying to make it home. I'm still very tired. I come to a store and run through the parking lot, there aren't many people there, so only a couple of people saw me, and they didn't see my face. I passed by some little girls riding their bikes, I just ran right by them, they were kind of young (Old enough to know that boys had pee-pees)so I didn't worry too much. I figured it was about 8:00, and I knew more people would be coming.

I ran to this old abandoned building. I went inside to catch my breath. I felt a pain in my gut and realized I had to go to the bathroom. I peed on the floor as I waited for traffic to clear. I ran outside and went onward. I ran through some woods and I came into someone's yard. I went around and I noticed where I was. I was finally close to my road. I ran about a mile through forest and found my road.

Of course, my road isn't exactly short. I ran through some more kids and people going to work. I saw Mike's house and wanted to tell him something. I hurried to his window and knocked on it. He opened it to see me naked. I said, "Mike, you are an *******!" A car honked at my butt. He was laughing his ass off as I ran to my driveway. I went down it and I saw that my family was home. Damn! I knew that my sister would be leaving back to college any minute now. I hurried to my neighbor's house (her mom was gone) I nearly beat her door down. She opened it and I asked her desperately to let me in. She smirked and made me show my wang to her, and say something degrating about it. Then she let me in.

I heard my sister's car start up (I barely made it in before she stepped out) I was breathing heavily. I sat down on the floor. The girl was laughing at me. I gained up enough energy to reach over and pull down her sweat pants. Her mouth dropped as I did it. I laughed, until she kicked me in my bare balls. She pulled her pants up. I had to wait there for awhile. The girl said, "You know I think I might have some friends over later." I stared her down (You may recall what happened last time her friends were over) She said she was kidding and left me there.

I stayed for a few minutes and I then I snuck in my backdoor. I snuck around without being seen. I made it to my room. And this is when I posted the first part this morning. I then called Blondie and she said she would reard me later. And I called Mike, and he said we'll have a party to celebrate tonight.


Anyway last night, so I watched outside while on this very site and finally the truck stopped in my driveway, around 1:45. So I ran out and went to the driver's side and was suprised. There was a girl we knew squeezed into the back section of the truck. I looked at the driver, "Everything still going as planned?" He said, "Yeah, I kinda mentioned it to them and they wanted to tag along." (Them?) I looked again and saw another girl. I'd known her very well (She's seen me naked already)

So I jumped in the bed of the truck and we drove to school. When we got out I shook there hands and said, "Alright let's strip down." Then a thought occured. "Has anyone been here today?" The gusy said that all everything was like we left it. Only door opened was the cafeteria. So I felt fine about it and took off my clothes, like my friends. The girls were giggling but eventually they warmed up to it and got nude.

We went to the cafeteria when my friend said, "Everyone watch your step. Might be kinda messy from last night." I went to the confused girls and said, "We peed all over the floor." They laughed. "And kinda whacked it all over the wall in the main hall." They said "Eww". "And there's a piece of **** in there too." They bursted into laughter.

We went in and we showed them the good stuff. We went to the office and showed them the "-_---_-" file. They had some chuckles and found one that we hadn't. It was a picture of a girl cleaning herself after taking a dump.
I sat in the principal's chair and said, "You've been a bad girl. Come bend over my knee." I knew her well and she has a similar sense of humor so she bent over with her ass facing the rest and she said in an overly excited, dumb-blonde, voice(She always acts like an idiot sense she dyed her hair blonde. She's really funny and hot to top it off), "Oh punish me," I began to give her a few light spanks and she would make these Anna Faris(Who she does kinda look like) kind of laughs. The rest were all laughing. Then one of the guys said, "Is it my turn." and I said, "Ok, now it's getting weird." And we went on

We eventually broke into the gym. Had to find a small window slot and slide in(The blonde had some trouble squeezing her chest in) We went into the storage closet and played on some of the children work out things they had. Mainly we found these inflatable balls(We had to inflate them) and you could bounce on them. They were having fun with that while I went into the coach's office and that's where I found, "it". One thought crossed my mind, "HOLY ****!" I called out for the others and lifted what I found towards the light. I had indeed found a set of keys, including the keys to the high school.

Everyone was excited about that and the girls wanted to go then, but we decided it would take a whole night to go through there. So we're waiting until tonight. (I'm very excited)

We went on with our tour and went into the teacher's lounge. All that's in there is a bathroom, a couch, and 2 vending machines. We left that and we just played around. We went into the cafeteria and looked in the freezer, nothing. We checked the pantry and found some crackers... that was it.

It was getting late (Or rather early) so I said, "I'm getting pretty tired and we gotta hit the high school tomorrow, so let's turn in." Everyone else agreed and planned to meet up again tonight.

We all got dressed and went back, and here I am, waiting for the time of my life. I've picked out the keys I'll need they're all marked, "*Highschool initials*, lockers master(Ooh), and the key for the gym.

*The next night....*

We went into the High School last night as planned. We drove up as before and took off our clothes and hid everything(Including the truck) in a large forested area.

We decided if there were any cameras they'd be in the front so we used the back door. I was wearing my sister's yellow bracelet so I could put the keys on my wrist(Hey, it looked stupid but it was easy).

As soon as we went in, we snuck to the office and looked through the files. We found a security file and got kinda worried, but we found that it was just an emergency phone system (Wow). We were much easier going now and had our fun. We looked through the rest of the files and didn't find too much. We did find our records but they didn't have much, besides our names and addresses.

The girl's said they wanted to see the boy's restroom. We did to kill time. The girl's joked around and one of the guys used the urinal and Blondie(Let's call her that) said out loud, "OH! That's how you use it!" (She was doing that dumb blonde act)

So we went out and walked to the lockers. I decided to unlock as many as I can really fast. I finished a whole section pretty fast and we looked through them. Very few of the lockers were empty. The seniors' lockers were down a different hall so many people just left there stuff in these until next year. They have the first couple of days to clean them out, if they have to move to a new locker.

We immediantly found some cash($5) and we thought, hell we deserved something, let's get all the cash and split it in the truck(Yeah, it's wrong but I don't think such a small amount will make a difference) So Blondie said she'd hold onto the cash we found. She took the folded 5 and put it in her cleavage, where it fit nicely.

We went on to find the following:

More cash. After the whole row we found $32(Made up of 5s and 1s), which is about $6 each.

A lot of pictures: Mostly from parties and stuff. There were many containing nudity, and we knew most of the people. So we decided to keep those(By now we couldn't fit all of this between Blondie's boobs, so we stacked everything in a corner) We'll get back to these pics later.

Some notes. Most of these notes were crap that we didn't understand, about meetings and stuff like that. We found some hook up letters and break up letters. Nothing too exciting.

And the rest were school supplies

We checked some more locker rows. We found some more pics and 10 more dollars. We piled those up with the rest. We talked it out and tried to find the biggest jerk that any of us knew. We decided on someone and I peed in his locker.(Today I read that someone suggested that, great minds think alike)

We looked in the classrooms but didn't find anything of interest.

We went to all the white boards and made poorly drawn pictures of wangs, boobs, and asses.

We went back to the office and found the Xerox machine and plugged it in. "Now what do we copy?"... So we picked up Blondie and copied her boobs.... Then her ass. Then we put those pictures everywhere. She said, "What if they recognize me?"... We assumed she was kidding.(They were her boobs)

So after that we decided to leave. We planned to have a celebration tonight, I'm not sure if that's still on. I'm waiting for an IM.

Oh yeah...
Those pictures we found:(I'll skip the boring ones)
2 girls wearing only bras and panties
A guy standing to the side, nude, showing off his ****
A girl(Fully clothed) standing next to a naked guy, pointing at his wang
A girl fully naked, crying(or it looked like it) and trying to cover herself
2 girls and a guy in the shower
Naked girl holding a dog
Girl being suprised on the toilet

I had stripped down to the bare essentials (Jacket, socks, shoes). I had microwaved some heating pads and stuffed myself with them. I opened my window. I snuck out and went on my way.

I was hit with the chill hard but I pressed on. I went to the road and was doing good. I stopped at Mike's house and urinated on his porch. Just for good measure.

I went on and went to random houses and stuff. I moved some Christmas decorations around (Made 2 snowmen look like they were humping/ Replaced one of the wisemen in a Nativity scene to a snowman)

I ran to Blondie's. I saw she was awake and knocked on her window. I was really hungry so I made her give me cookies. Then- (The following is long and boring and has been removed from this story)

I jumped out of her window and she watched me. I thought I would give her a fond farewell. I removed my jacket and threw it to the ground so that I was practically, completely naked. I made some innappropriate gestures by pointing at my Christmas tree. She laughed and flashed me. I got my jacket back on and headed back. All was swimmingly... Until a car came.

All I could do was cover my face with my jacket they went by really fast. I laughed and decided to run through the woods. This is where things got really bad. Usually I can navigate through these things well. But it was pitch black and I made some wrong turns. It took a very long time to get out. I finally made it, with some scratches. I decided to avoid any more detours. I ran straight home, through some cow pastures. Yet another set back. Barbed wire fence.... I had run a long way and didn't wanna go back. So I got on my belly and crawled under it. I got muddy but I made it. I ran all the way home. I jumped in and got under some blankets. >_< Perfect way to end Christmas.
I wanted to go streaking. I was very bored. But I didn't think I would really get any excitement by streaking down the road. Luckily my sister left her old car (Recently purchasing a new one; she plans on selling this crappy thing) I snuck into the kitchen and got the keys. I decided it would be okay to "borrow" the car.

I called Mike and didn't get an answer.... I was about to call Rick, when I thought... "Hey, I could spend some time with Blondie... more importantly, I could spend some NAKED time with Blondie." I called her up... YES! She answered the phone. It took some prompting but I convinced her to sneak out with me.

I went outside. I didn't wanna wake my parents up, so I put the car in neutral, and pushed it down the driveway. I then undressed and threw everything in the trunk. It was cold, so I had to put the heater on. The tank was almost full, and that was good, since I didn't have any friggen money. I drove down the road and made it to Blondie's. She climbed out her window and got in the car. She then paused, seeing me naked. She said, "Are we ever gonna have a normal date, or is this whole relationship gonna be based on getting naked?" I stared at her with a smile. She stared back, then laughed, and took off her shirt.

It was fun, just having me and her. We talked and listened to the radio (Our taste in music differs). We came to a straight path of road, and I decided to see how fast we could go... I got up to 90, before seeing another car and slowing down. Blondie was kinda freaked out, so I didn't try that again. We got to a Wendy's. I stopped.

She said we would get caught without any masks. I then taught Blondie... How to become a shirt ninja. We got out and ran inside. They calmly told us, "GET THE *@&^ OUT OF HERE! YOU *Illegible prfanity*" We listened to them. We got out and drove off. Blondie was laughing her ass off. We decided to mae one more stop.

Wal-Mart wasn't very crowded. We decided if we could get in without being seen. We snuck around to the garden section, so no greeters would... greet us. We saw a cashier talking to another employee. We snuck around the aisles. We snuck to electronics, where I decided to get some revenge. I found a copy of SoulPlane (which I was forced to watch earlier). I put it on the floor and let my emotions flow. Blondie just sat back and watched. When I was done we saw that we were spotted. I grabbed her hand and ran towards the door. The guy chased us, but the night-shift workers aren't usually athletic. We out-ran him, burst through the front door (I heard the old greeter guy laughing; Why is it old people are the only one's with a sense of humor?) We ran to the car (Which was parked down the road, so they didn't see us). We took off. To be safe (In case the cops were called) We took some back roads. We removed the shirts and celebrated.

We pulled over by the creek and got out. We enjoyed some skinny-dipping (as well, as some making out) before returning home. It was fun. Successful streak.
I'm sitting at home, bored. I decide, it's a nice night, how about I go streaking? I open the window and crawl out. I promptly strip down and throw my clothes inside. It feels good to be "back in the saddle." I walk around a bit. I run through the woods and into Mike's back yard.

I decide I might as well do something fun. I steal Mike's Bike... Yeah. And I ride up the road (I hope Mike doesn't mind my bare ass on his bike) I ride along uninterupted. I get to the main road and a bunch of cars go by.

I decide to turn back and head towards home. I ride back to Mike's and put his bike away. I do a little jogging now. I jog down the road until I'm pretty far away from my house. I'm tired. I then remember one of our "hideouts" near here. It's a treehouse we made when we were young. And that treehouse somehow transformed into the evil lair it is today. I find it and climb up.

I haven't been there in about a year and half. I climb up to find it in good condition. I even found Mike's old GameBoyAdvanced (Dead batteries though). I look around and find a lantern flash-light. Also dead batteries. But we kept some spares in that size. It worked. I noticed some... "Reading material" that one of the guys had left, and enjoyed a little of it (It was all soggy, and the ink had run) I lean back in a chair and "read" some more. Eventually I nod off.

I wake up, and BEHOLD! It's daylight! ****! I climb down, and sneak around. I can't tell what time it is, but it must be fairly early. I sneak out of the woods and cars are passing. I decide to stick to the shadows.

After a few close-calls I finally make it to my house. I walk down my road and I see my neighbor getting into her car. She just laughs and shakes her head. I wave and sneak into my window.
Saturday morning. I'm sitting in my room. It was about 11:00. I'm bored, watching a movie. Then I get an idea. I'll go streaking. Wait... That's stupid. It's broad daylight.... Then again... It would be really fun. I'm at the house by myself, and my parents weren't supposed to back for a couple days (They're still not back). But to be safe, I still exited using my window. My dad put those friggen mosquito screens in again. Luckily it's loose, so I was able to pry it off.

I take off all of my clothes and throw them inside. I sneak out, leave the window opened a hair. Then think. I look to my neighbor's house. She's home, and so is her mom (Who is strangely cool with me running around nude, and has even invited me to breakfast with them, naked) I still feel uncomfortable, even if they have... seen me, several times before.

I start walking down my drive-way and then take off into a run. As soon as I get to the road, a car comes by. I ran behind some trees and ducked. They moved by fast. I thought about turning back. This was VERY risky. One wrong move and the whole neighborhood will see me. I decided to go for it.

I ran down the road and came to a house. Looked empty. I snuck around to a storage shed and hid behind it. Another car came by. I was facing the house so I was hoping for them to hurry up. Eventually I took off and ran into a field with grass, just tall enough to cover my.... stuff. Another car. I ducked. It passed. It was difficult to move in the grass. So I got closer to the road so I could get some speed. I was going good until I heard a car behind me. I ran into the woods opposite the field as the car passed. They couldn't of seen my face or wang, but they got a good look at my ass.

Okay, the road was too dangerous. I ran back into the tall grass, it was difficult to move, but it beats being caught. I looked forward and saw something I didn't want to. Someone on a bicycle. I jumped down, but I think he saw me. I moved onward, not sure how far I should go. The field was pretty big, I had cover for a long time. I passed a few houses, and was feeling good. Then I hit a snag. The field ended, and right where it did, there were some kids playing football in their yard. ****. I ducked down. I had to crawl back where I came from.

Once I was out of sight, I got up and ran. I stopped after I was clear. I was thinking it was too risky, and I should head back. Then, as if God himself agreed, I hear, "(My name)?"
I turn back and it's a girl from my school, on a bike. Not bad looking either. I'm standing there, frozen. Then she says, "Goin' shirtless?" I think then look down. The grass just barely covers my waist. I say, "Uhh... Yeah." She starts small-talk, "That's good, that'll give you a good tan." I reply, "Yeah." I'm trying desperately not to move, making sure I'm concealed. We keep the conversation going. Until it happens, she asks, "Why are you standing over there? I won't bite." I jokingly say, "I like it over here." ... She knows something's up. She retorts, "Well, maybe I should come over there." I quickly say, "No. That's not a good idea." Then it hits her.

She smiles, and says it, "You're naked aren't you?" I don't reply. She laughs, "You are! Oh my God. Why?" I say, "Ummm... It just feels good." She gets off her bike. Dammit. She says, "Come on, just a peek." I cover myself, as it enters her field of vision. She begins to laugh. "Come on, please?" I'm thinking, should I run, and give her a view of my ass? Should I continue to protest? Or should I just submit? .... Well, she's very convincing, cause all it took was for her to lightly guide my arms away to my sides. She laughed harder, and said, "Not bad." I smirked, trying to brush it off. I said, "I'll catch you later." I immediately ran off, red-faced. I ran all the way to my drive-way and slowed down to catch my breath. I walked and headed toward my house.

Just as I was about to open my window I hear, "Hi, (my name)." I turn and my neighbor's mom came out the front door to wave at me. My face got redder, and I just waved back as my neighbor came out, grabbed her mom's arm and pulled her inside saying something that sounded like, "Don't encourage him." ... That lady creeps me out.

We were all camping (Yes camping, in the cold) It was all of the usual suspects (Me, Mike, Rick, Blondie) And the girl who went streaking with us in the school, a long time ago. We had told our parents it would just be the guys but we snuck the girls in.

We had three tents and a cooler. It had gotten fairly warm, thanks to the fire. Blondie took off her bra (Without removing her shirt. Because we were going to sleep soon, and I guess bras are uncomfortable to sleep in) We were all getting kind of bored. I dared Blondie to get naked. She said only if I did...

So there we were, huddled together, naked. The three others were laughing at us... I saw blondie's watch (Which was on the ground, and realized it was fairly early) I looked at everybody and said, "None of us our tired, so let's go streaking."... Mike unzipped his pants to show his opinion. Soon all of us were naked and heading to the street.

We were all running around and trying to keep warm. We were laughing and pushing each other around. We didn't do too much of interest. Although, Mike did climb a tree and urinate from the top of it.

The real meat (Lol, meat) Of the story, kicks in about here. We were heading back when we realized something... We had no way to find our campsite (We had gone pretty deep in the woods, to avoid anyone seeing us. And we had put out the fire before we left) We wandered around the woods for a long time. We could not find anything. We decided we would have to wait until light. We found our way back to the road, and from there, found the old shack we hang out in. It was sooooo cold. Luckily we keep blankets in there. Blondie and I were desperately holding onto each other for warmth. Too bad the other guys didn't have anyone. Hehe.

Anyway I awoke to find that Blondie and the other girl weren't up. Rick and Mike were putting up there blankets. It was still VERY cold. Rick commented on how his wang looked like a lemon... I'm not sure how the hell it looked like a lemon, but it was very cold and I could definately notice my wang was... you know. When the girls woke up we went into the woods to find our clothes. We searched for an hour. Eventually we got lost... Really lost.
None of us have ever been this deep in the woods before. We were now more concerned about finding a way out, than finding our clothes. The sun was completely out now. We would need to get out soon. Eventually we saw an opening. We ran through it... We finally found a road. We were overjoyed to finally see some civilization... Then we remembered that we were all naked. Oh ****.

A car drove by and all of the guys covered their wangs and the girls hid behind us. It drove by very slowly... We just smiled nervously and waited for it to leave. Now that we were on the road. We needed to find out where we were. After a little walking we found a familiar house. We had gone WAY too far. We had about 2-3 miles to my house(The nearest house). We all live in seperate places (Mike and me live right by each other, but nobody else does) I said, "We're gonna have to split up and make it on our own." The girl (Not Blondie) said, she had an older sister nearby and she took off. Rick nodded and took off through the woods. Mike and I lived right beside each other, but I told him to go ahead. He started jogging home. I was about to when I realized Blondie said that she wouldn't be able to make it without getting caught. She said she sucked at hiding. I told her she could come with me, but she would have to hide for awhile at my house.

We started following Mike and he slowed down. I said Blondie's gonna hide out in my house for awhile. Mike said he could take her home at 4(PM).... It was about 8(AM). We ran to my house through some fields. Mike split up and went to find a way in his house. Blondie and I headed to my house. I had to break into my house, (My dad was at work, mom was asleep) and into my room. I opened the window to let in Blondie. We were safe.

We made it through the day without to many dangers. My mom wanted be to come eat, so I had to hide Blondie behind my bed. I called up Mike and he made it unnoticed. He said he could take Blondie early. So I put on some clothes and got Blondie out. We walked over to his house. I kissed her good-bye. Mike helped her into his truck, touching her boob by accident. He quickly apologized and she just laughed. They drove off and I went home.

Damn this was a close-call.
I was at my friend's house for a couple of days(Just got back). He would go to sleep rather early and leave me bored, with nothing to do. So the first night I'm looking at my clothes (T-shirt and boxers) I realized what I could do.

I opened his window and stepped onto his roof. I quietly snuck around and found a place where I could climb back up. a drainage pipe, with little areas that connect it to the wall, like a small ladder. I tested it, and when I thought it work. I dropped down. I ran through the woods until I got to the road. I wasn't VERY familiar with the area, but I knew my way around. I snuck around to a post office and checked for any cameras. When I saw none, I ran around back and slid off my boxers. I folded them and then took off the shirt. I silently slid them into the bushes.

I noticed I was at a federal building and I guess that means I was committing a federal offense.... Oh well. I ran to the street and put my hands on my ass, checking out my options. To my left, a lot of houses and woods. To my right is a junkyard, a gas station, some more houses, some more woods, and I didn't know what else.

I thought of who I knew who lived here. I knew of some guys... but I wanted to do something sort of arousing. >_>... I knew a girl pretty close by... has a lot of dogs. I looked at my wang and decided to not go there. I knew a girl, she was always kind of wild, always tried to pants me, but never succeeded.... Maybe later. I knew another chick around here, but I didn't know where her house was. I knew one more girl... but her boyfriend would rip my balls off.

I decided to try my luck at the gas station. I snuck around and saw a security camera. Damn. I quickly got out of there.
I thought about that girl. I knew I'd be safe with. I snuck to the post office and put on my boxers, and just my boxers. I snuck over and knocked on her window.

It took awhile but she answered. I acted nervous, covering my boxers. She climbed out the window started giggling. She asked why I was half-nude. I lied my ass off, "I was at this party, and I went to sleep. They thought it'd be funny to strip me down and leave me in the road." She asked why I came there. I said, "I needed somewhere to hide, because there were a bunch of cars coming, but they passed while I was trying to get in." She giggled, thinking she caught me in an embarrassing situation. She walked forward and said, "So what're you hiding?" with a laugh. She grabbed at my boxers. I avoided it, to prolong the tease, and acted like I was REALLY nervous. She chased me and eventually, I pretended to trip, and fell on my butt. She ran up and pulled them off. I covered my weiner, just in time. She sat down on her knees, on the grass beside me, making sure I couldn't get up, she pulled my hands apart and exposed it.

She laughed and nudged it with her elbow. I continued the act and tried to cover up, sheepishly. I got up, and she grabbed my leg, pulling me down, so she could see my butt. Then, for some reason I got a rush of common sense... I'm naked... With a girl.... She's laughing... I should be embarrassed. Then that actually happened. I'm not acting anymore, as I cover my wang, with my face, completely red. I went for my boxers, but she grabbed onto them first. She made some insulting comment about how I couldn't "fill 'em out." .... I can, dammit.

Suddenly, the awesome version of me, kicked the reasonable version of me's ass. I realized, "Oh yeah, I did this on purpose." I drop my hands, laugh about it, and sit down. We talked and had some fun. You know, the usual. I went to the house and dressed, without a hitch.
Next day...
I was still at that guy's house. He went to sleep, and I went out of the window. I snuck down and went to the girl's house again.

We had planned that she hold a party with a couple of girls and I sneak in, in my boxers. What happened there was generally unplanned. So I'm outside in my shirt and boxers. I take off my shirt and put it in some bushes. I knock on the window and come in. Of course the girls all go insane. Laughing and yelling. I walked in and was almost immediantly pantsed by the girl. And there ya go... I'm already butt-naked. The girls go even more nuts. But I was fine with it.

I said I'll be right back, and grabbed my boxers. I went out and hid my boxers with my shirt. I came back and partied a little. The girls all loved it (Me being naked) I staid and talked... Blah blah blah. This isn't the meat (Lol, meat) Of the story.

After I was done I went outside and looked for my clothes.... Yeah, they were gone. I asked the girls if they took them. They said no and many of them giggled. I assumed they were lying and I said I seriously needed them. Then one went over and shut the window, with me outside. I was suprised. One snapped a picture of me outside in the nude. I stood there, confused. A girl started rubbing my boxers on the window.

Dammit, someone snuck out and grabbed them while I was inside. I kept saying that I seriously needed them, and tried to pry the window open. But it was useless. I pissed on her window, for a little payback. I heard a lot of "Eww!"s and "Oh my God!"s. I ran to the house and pondered my choice of actions. I was screwed. I'd only brought one pair of clothes for the few days. I thought about borrowing the guy's clothes... But I didn't think he's be so "open" to me sneaking out and running around naked (He doesn't get it). I looked down the street and saw the gas station. I looked in front of it.... A pay phone.

It was still rather early and a lot of cars were going by. I needed some change. I snuck back to the house and climbed in. I found saw a dish full of change on the desk. I quietly snuck around and grabbed a few quarters. I was good to go. I left a note, saying I had to leave early, and climbed out again.

I ran to the gas station. The phone was just out of view of the security camera (Or at least, I think/hope it was) I put in 2 quarters and thought of who to call. Not many of my friends have a cell phone and/or car. I knew one who had both..... My ex-girlfriend (Blondie). I looked around and saw that a customer was staring at me. I just sort of nodded and dialed the number. I prayed that she answered.... She did. I begged and pleaded that I needed a favor. She was hesitant, but agreed to pick me up near the guy's house.

She pulled up and I jumped in. She of course, mocked me to no end and laughed at me. But she dropped me off near my house, where I couldn't get the window open. So I went to my next-door neighbor's house and knocked on the door (Her mom works night-shifts, so she's alone) She usually is an ass, but she let me stay until my parents left. I woke up and her mom was home. Her mom is pretty messed up, and not only is cool with me being nude at her house, but finds it funny and says she won't tell anyone (Not the first time it's happened) She even made me breakfast... Sitting at the table with the girl and her mom was awkward. But eventually my parents left and I could sneak in.

These stories are all (sadly) true.

I'm a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and put into a box of weirdness. And I sleep with confusion.