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Embarrassing Nude Moments
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Times when I was caught with my pants down... literally.

Once me and some friends went to a water park. We were dropped off there and had a timeframe to use. I was changing back into my normal clothes.

I pulled down my shorts to right above my ****. Then some old guy opened the curtain. He said, "Sorry." And closed it. I thought nothing of it. I pulled my shorts down and suddenly the curtain was ripped (Yes ripped) off. One of my friends did it. All of the guys were laughing at my weiner (There was significant shrinkage) I got mad and pulled up my shorts. I grabbed my stuff and went into the parking lot. I noticed a ditch behind a dumpster, which seemed perfect.

I jumped down in it, and I could be seen pretty clearly by the people going in. But if I worked fast I should be safe. I pulled down my shorts..... I was ambushed. The guys jumped down and pushed me over. They stole my shorts and clothes, running away into the park with them. Oh ****. I stood there hoping they'd come back... People were walking by and I was going to be seen so I had to make my run. I climbed out of the ditch and a family walking by saw me up close and very personal. I covered my penis and ran in, giving them a good look at my ass. The place was crowded and I couldn't make it without running into some people. One thing I won't forget was running into a girl, and letting my hands drop accidently. So my frank touched her leg (Which was bare, since she was in a bikini) She just giggled and I ran. Eventually I saw the guys (Who were already dressed to leave) They were by a pool and I jumped in. I swam over to them. People stared, because the water was clear and my penis was in view. I yelled at the guys, "Give me my damn stuff!" They of course just laughed and walked out. DAMMIT!

I got out (Not really thinking about covering myself so much as just running) I ran to the changing room. The men in there were laughing, but I didn't care. I picked up the curtain that had been ripped off. I used it as a towell and snuck out of the park. I heard people talking about a streaker running by. I smirked and made it to the parking lot. I saw my friends standing around. I made my way to them and they didn't notice. I grabbed one's shorts and pants'd him; underwear and all. While he was distracted I pulled off his shirt. He stood there kinda confused. Then he realized all of the giggling as people walked by. His first instinct was not to pull up his shorts, but to pull off my curtain. I was once again exposed. The other friend just laughed at us.... We looked at each other and pants'd him. Then they pulled up their shorts. We laughed about it while I dressed in front of all the people entering. Eventually the truck arrived and we left.

When I was younger we had a lot of pool parties. These of course resulted in some ENMs.

1. While everyone else was changing I went into my room and started to change. I pulled off my shorts and threw them off. I then heard the door opening. My instincts told me to run in the closet. I did. I closed it and remained quiet. One of my friends entered.(I could see through the slots on the closet door) He thought it was empty so he took off his shorts. He got dressed and was leaving when I shifted my weight and lost balance. He heard me while I tried to get my footing (I was standing on a pile of clothes) He opened the closet door and I fell on my ass, infront of him. I was expecting him to laugh and leave... I was wrong. He got on his knees and put them on my arms. I couldn't get loose. He called for the rest of my friends. They came in and had a laugh. Others grabbed my legs while one went to get a couple of their moms. >_<

The mothers came in and were laughing. One took a picture. I was humiliated.

2. We all had to dress after a party. The girls all dressed in one bathroom. The guys had to all dress in the big bathroom. We were all told to go in and dress. So we had to discuss privacy areas. One guy got in the tub and changed lying down. One got in the seperate shower with a glass door, the lower half being covered by a towell. We have a big walk-in closet and 2 guys got in there. One on each end.

I was in the main area, behind a table. I pulled them off and looked in my bag for clothes... They weren't there. I grabbed a towell and covered myself. I asked, "Who got my clothes?" The guy in the shower said, they got his too. Two others also said that their bags were empty. Then one of the closet guys ran out clothed, throwing our clothes around. It was funny but we wanted our clothes. He wanted to take a picture. Everyone came out, covering their nuts. I had my towell on. We lined up for a pic, everyone covered their balls while I had nothing to worry about. But just as the pic was took, someone grabbed off my towell. My genitals were the only ones in the pic, except for a small bit you could see of the de-toweller.

Episode 1- The Phantom Nudeness...

I was not actually there to witness the following story. I have no proof of it actually happening, except that his mom is weird, and my friend is usually very honest...

My friend was swimming in his pool with his little brother. There mom called them in. They didn't want to, so they continued to swim. A few minutes later she called them again. They still ignored her. A few minutes later she came outside. She instructed them to come out and sit on two lawn chairs in the yard. They did so. She then pulled off their shorts. They were shocked and covered themselves. She said for them to put their arms at their sides. They hesitated but did so. She said, "Ok, go swim now." They ran into the pool, really embarrassed.

A little later she came out and told them to come out again. They did so. She made them put their hands down. She then said, "They're not quite small enough yet." Her plan was clear. She wanted to make their wangs as shrunken as possible. They had no choice but to get in the pool.

After dark, they were still floating around. When their older sister came to get them. They got out covering their "boyish charms". And the sister laughed her ass off. She followed behind them. They went to their mother and showed her their privates. She said "Hmmm..." Then she turned them to her sister, and said "Is that small enough?" The sister fell over laughing. They were on the verge of tears, and ran to their room.

Episode II- Attack of the Mom

I arrived at my friend's house to find his mom cleaning. She said, "Hi." And she said my friend would be out soon. He got out of the shower and passed by in a towell. He seemed slightly embarrassed but headed to his room. His mom said, "Hang on, I'm moving some stuff in there. Can you wait for awhile." He said he just wanted some clothes. She said to wait. I went outside with his little brother. We talked until suddenly the door opens and my friend is pushed out without his towell. He's banging on the door trying to get back in. Then he realizes we're watching. He turns around. Then we see his winky. He covers himself, but the damage is done. He is let inside later.

Epsiode III- Revenge of the *****

Warning: The following story has caused arguments before.

We were all at my friend's house. We were bored, and his mom suggests that we watch some home movies. We found a tape and put it in.

We see our friend as a baby, crawling around naked. We laughed at his little unit saying that it probably never grew. Then the tape skips and we see him around 3-4, again naked. We laugh more. The tape skips some more... We are now viewing him around 5 years old... he's asleep on his belly(naked), the tape skips and we see him on his back. This repeats for an age around 8. We are now thinking WTF. Then we see his ass at age 10. Tape skips, he is now on his back. We know what's next.

He jumps up and runs to the VCR. He's trying desperately to stop the tape. But right before we does, we see him sleeping at current age, on his back, wang in the air.

He's really embarrassed and suggests we forget it. We're snickering behind his back. Later that night his mom tells us that she'll show us how she does it. We snuck in on our sleeping friend and manage to slide off his clothes. He's on his front, we're laughing at his ass(Literally) When his mother tickles his nose with a feather. He turns over. We are trying very hard not to burst into laughter. His mom tapes the whole thing. We get his clothes back on.

We follow his mom to another room. Where she puts the tape away in a pile of others. They are marked for all of her kids (Sister). O_O We never saw any of them though.

We were hanging out at our football stadium after dark. We were just sitting around when I decided to liven things up. I yelled, "Let's hit those showers!" And I stripped off my clothes. My butt faced them and the girls laughed. I ran to the locker room and one of my friend's followed, taking his clothes off as well. The rest just stood back in shock.

I was in the showers and I turned them on. It was very cold. I sort of rubbed myself, and was about to get out when I was joined by everyone. I turned around and exposed myself. There was laughter. The other naked one came into the room not bothering to hide his shame.

I ran out to get my clothes, but I was dared to ride into town in the back of the truck. I lied down, so not to be seen. I was expecting them to drive to the edge of our small town... But instead they continued into a larger town. All I could do was sit back for the ride.

Eventually I got out at a stop light and ran inside the cab of the truck. Some people were staring but I didn't care. When I got in the guys and girls were all laughing. I learned that I shouldn't trust them.

I'm in my school's gym, since the teachers are all at a meeting, a few people without any classes went to the gym. So, I'm showering off after a some frisbee football. I turn around in the shower, and booyah. There are two girls staring at me.(I'm guessing they figured, no supervision, why not sneak in on some guy in the shower) I cover myself and just ask, wtf? Then one girl pulls the nozzle on the side of the shower. So I'm standing there, cold, dripping wet, and covering myself, not sure what to make my next move (I don't even ****ing know these girls) I'm pretty sure they didn't see my pieces, at that time. But still....

I'm looking for a towel, but they grabbed them all. So, do I stand cowering in the corner, or do I journey to my clothes in the lockers? I decide to cower.

One of the girls says, "What do your clothes look like?" I don't say anything, thinking, they won't find them. Then the other says, "Um, maybe they're the only clothes lying around?" in a sarcastic tone. Damn. They leave, and I'm just staying where I am. Then they return, laughing, and holding my clothes. I ask for them back, but they respond my running outside the locker room. I'm the only person in the locker room, but that won't last long.

I decide I can wait and borrow clothes from another guy. But the next thing I know, the girls return with two other girls and 3 guys. And oh joy... They push me outside, into the gym. Luckily the grand-total of people in the gym was about 13, and all about my age. So I'm standing there, people looking at my ass, me covering my wang. Next thing I know, I get knocked down, and my arms pulled away. Dammit. I was just in the shower... so, yeah, I wasn't "all there." A lot of people were laughing, but I couldn't really do much. Eventually I get free.

I grab my clothes and a towel, and finish my shower.

My parents were gone, I'm sitting around the house in my underwear. I'm bored, so I slide my boxers off. I walk outside for a bit, have my fun. Then I notice lights, coming down the driveway. I run like hell, manage to run through the door, and I'm in the living room. The only way to my room, is through the room containing the front door, so I'm trapped.

The door swings open. Through the front door walks my sister's friend, who she's apparently given the keys to the house, in order to pick up her dog (Chiachua..Chi... Taco Bell dog). I'm standing there, she's just staring me down. She just laughs it off, goes to get the dog, she walks back, I'm covering my nads, she laughs and walks out.
So we found an old barn in the woods behind my friend's house and we hang out there sometimes with a cooler of soda,Gameboys,a portable TV,magazines,and snacks.It's pretty well built with all 4 walls and a roof.It's actually got 4 rooms,a second floor,and close behind it is a pond.We lined it with flash lights using duct tape on the walls.Once we were getting bored and we decided to go through the woods and get some girl's(Who lived all the way on the other side of the woods)to go swimming with us in the pond.After awhile we had all changed into our swimming clothes and we were in the pond.We were all having fun,and the girls were apparently just like us,for they snuck up on my friend and pulled off his shorts and threw them in a tree.He fell on his ass with his cocktail frank showing right below the girls' faces.He just covered himself and jumped in the water to hide.But they weren't finished,as it was winding down one of the girls was sitting at the side,the 2 other girls snuck up and struggled with her.She screamed as her top was pulled off.Then she laughed and covered her breasts.She went behind a tree and put it back on.As they left they made sure to swim by pantless and say "See you later." In a mocking voice.
It was our second free day and we were all goofing off,we broke into a counselor post(They were off to their secret freeday planning area)And we were suprised to find,she(It was the femal counselor's post)had a computer,TV,and the place was really big.She had a closet and a bed.We looked through her stuff.We threw her bra at each other.We looked on her computer,it didn't have internet access so that wasn't any fun.We got bored again...So we camped in the shower room.YOU HAVE TO BE PRETTY DAMN BORED TO CAMP IN THE SHOWER ROOM.We still had that bra and somebody put it on and we took pictures.Some of us hadn't gotten showers earlier and decided to get them now.I was one of them.Needless to say all of our clothes were stolen and thrown somewhere.But I was one of the lucky ones,I had a towell and came out,I spent the rest of the night in it.But one didn't and had to stay in the shower.I got an idea,I said I'd go get the girls over.I snuck through in the towell to the girls' half,they laughed at my towell and tried to pull it off occasionally,but I'm a sneaky one and they couldn't keep track of me.So we got to the shower room and I went in and locked the door,they stayed out and the guys discussed,we said in order to get in they'd half to get nude.They bargained and they got in,with their underwear.But that one guy was cowering behind his shower curtain,naked.(The cooincidence?It was GloveBoy!I guess what comes around goes around.)We held him to the wall and let the girls come and play with him,we laughed when his man juices started to trickle down after a bit of the girls rubbing and tickling.They screamed and kicked him...right on the bullseye.He fell to the ground.It was fun and all was going well.Until my towell got pulled off.But they didn't see my crotch,just my ass.But still you get the point.Good party.But here's the best part!
That night we all went back to the girls' camp and handcuffed(Yes,HANDCUFFED GloveBoy to their flagpole)Naked!He got found by the female counselor,she thought he did it on purpose and put a bag over his head and called all of the camp to come see him.We had 2 hours of free-time to do whatever the hell we wanted.We pretty much just watched the girls pull his mask off,laugh,and 'twiddle' his wiener.
And as for that bra,it earned a place under the floorboard witha note telling the story for future campers
We were celebrating our buddy's birthday so we were hanging behind Wal-Mart drinking soda,at 1:00AM.Some girls walked up and flirted with the birthday boy.We came up with a plan,fast.One of us stripped down and got in a cardboard box then I yelled,in the ***est voice I had,"THE PRESENT'S HERE!"And he busted out of the box,naked and started to dance.The girls just walked away with a freaked out look on their face.
Once we went camping(Me and my 3 jackass friends). It was at night, middle of the forest, and we had a campfire. I had to take a leak, I walked to a tree at a respectable distance. Then I hear,"WAIT!" Let's go swimming. (There was a pond with pretty clear water nearby. We didn't have any swimming shorts, I mentioned this. They said just go naked. I waited but they went to their corner of the woods. I thought, well if they're all doing it I guess I might as well. I took off my clothes and walked to the water. I had set my feet in when I hear a splash........from behind me. The fire had been put out. I could hear their skirmish. They all had grabbed my clothes. Ah...the old skinny dipping ditch prank, I shouldn't fall for these things but I do. Well this sucks. I could hear them run off. So I was alone in the woods, naked. No light. So I'm walking around feeling my way. Branch pokes my crotch. I lower my hands to make sure I don't do that again. The only place to go his jackass 1's house. The only problem, his family is there. We are supposed to camp all night, too. So I rule that out. I knew they were probably watching from a distance though. So I found a stump to sit on and waited an hour. But these guys were taking it a little far. I felt around to see if they left anything from the tent...they hadn't. I'm trying to find my way through. I had a LONG walk to the house, and it would be way to hard to get back, eventually (If they did go home) they would come find me. (They wouldn't try to freeze me to death) So after waiting I got up and decided to find my way back. But after about 2 minutes of walking my arms are grabbed and I here my friend's voice, "Say CHEESE!" and shows me the damn video camera they'd been hiding. They had a it all on video, including me pissing after the first 30 minutes of waiting. They have hidden the DVD (HandyCam)somewhere and always talk about it, this isn't very embarrassing because my friends have seen me naked...........a butt-load, but still it's very awkward and they could show the tape to anyone.
God this sucks. It's PE and I'm in my damn gym shorts(We have to wear) and all of a sudden I get the horror of most men, a public SHE(Spontanious Human Erection) right in class while sitting with a group of guys and girls. Anyway, my friend notices and of course mentions it. The girl's all go "EWWWW! You freak!" and laugh. I try to cover it and laugh it off. But (BTW, three girls, and jackass 1 & 2) I slide away from my friends because this would be the perfect moment to strike and pull them down. But they get pulled down anyway....BY A CHICK (also if my use of the word "chick" offends you I would like to apologize, I never want to offend people but sometimes they're just too easily offended) They get my shorts down, but my boxers are still up, but from running the boxers have sort of ran up my leg...meaning my "SHE" is poking out of the leg, exposing my....umm...(What name shall we use today?...'eh lets go with ***** for now) so it's sticking out and I run off while the chicks are laughing, jackasses howling, and "it" still protruding. Yeah it sucks...Now I got to get away to get back at the girl who did it.
-I'm popular with those girls now.

Aren't I awesome.

I'm a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and put into a box of weirdness. And I sleep with confusion.